"DUET: A Symphony of Realism & Abstraction"
Paintings by M Jackson
March 7 - April 27, 2014

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday March 7, 2014

"Duet: A Symphony of Realism and Abstraction" features the voices of bronze sculptor Audry Cramblit and abstract painter M. Jackson (aka L. Lee Junge). This exhibition unifies the distinctive stories each artist conveys through different mediums, styles, and techniques. Together these artists stage a dramatic performance, with Jackson's paintings setting an otherworldly backdrop for Cramblit's figurative sculpture.

There is something fundamentally familiar about Cramblit's work. The bronze figures she casts appear like relics of a universal myth, yet they are very much alive and modern. Cramblit explains that she is not limited by a specific scope or theme, but that one idea just springs from the next. However, texture and a sophisticated attention to detail is something consistent throughout her work. Cramblit's sculpture, "A New Leaf," resembles a romantic figure of legend with a bodice draped in intricate pattern—a character in a drama lost until now.

Both artists adroitly shift between realism and abstraction, sharing the conviction that abstraction affords a flexibility and freedom that the more defined boundaries of realism cannot allow. "In abstraction," observes Jackson, "the work comes from the soul instead of the mind. The work (itself) often takes on a life of its own. The artist can stay in the moment while the painting evolves unto itself."

Abstraction allows L. Lee Junge, who is known for her contemporary surrealism, to paint with unrestrained creativity under the moniker of M. Jackson. In "Stir Crazy," Jackson releases a suppressed energy. A monstrous plume of motion crackles and wriggles, appearing suspended in a serene sky. There is fluidity throughout her work that channels an energy that seems to defy the very nature of a one-dimensional canvas.

Jackson's paintings ground Cramblit's sculpture in a celestial setting, an environment enhanced by each other's voice. The artists flawlessly complement each other. Jackson remarks, "it's like two distinct songs coming together to create something entirely new." It is a perfect duet in every sense.

"Duet: A Symphony of Realism and Abstraction," is curated by Gallery Director Chris Jackson and Assistant Director Scott Renfro.

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