Mixed Media paintings by Joey Knox
May 2 - July 6

Friday May 2

What's Your Address is a solo exhibition by local artist Joey Knox that opens Friday, May 2, 2014. Knox is a mixed media artist who creates work born from a deeply personal place and evokes an intense exploration within the viewer. This exhibition combines elements of Pop Art with subversive nods to street art, creating work that rebels against the dreams and ideas that limit us.

What's Your Address is meant to be an inquisition as much as a challenge of identity. The title comes from the idea that we are all products of our surroundings. It is commonplace for people to identify both themselves and others through the town they are from or live in, the things they buy, the phones they carry, and the clothes that they wear. Consumerism and conspicuous consumption are themes that Knox vaults into the viewer's consciousness.

Throughout Knox's work are societal created markers of his own identity. He uses his birth certificate, fingerprints, and dental records - personal items that are completely universal at the same time. "All of these 'personal' things we hold so dear, they almost get turned inside out to feel impersonal, commercialized, and reproduced. They are ways to put who you are on a piece of paper—to make me a piece of data that can easily be digested by the system."

"Birthright" is a particularly captivating piece that analyzes The American Dream. It depicts an affluent suburban home suspended above the American flag-but this flag is a darker version that almost seems decaying in drips. Knox remarks that "property becomes a benchmark by which we are judged and a cornerstone of our identity...yet, does it say anything about how happy you are? How fulfilled your life makes you?" "Birthright" addresses the entitlement factor of the American Dream while also challenging the idea that it is a goal that you are born into, or conditioned into pursuing.

"What's Your Address?" is a common and superficially innocuous question which actually pries deeply into a societal construct. This provocative exhibition runs May 2-July 6, 2014.
"What's Your Address" is curated by Gallery Director Chris Jackson and Assistant Director Scott Renfro.

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